Saturday, September 18, 2010

What happens on the fourth day?

Fourth-day Universe is no longer just a blog, and it is no longer solely authored by myself.

Over the last year, Fourth-day Universe has grown from a place to post the occasional writing tip or update on my literary efforts to a receptacle for reviews of movies, conventions, and other sci-fi/fantasy "events". It's become a full website, in fact, that you can visit at

Why sci-fi, particularly? Isn't that just for "freaks and geeks"? As I've posted before, science-fiction is an extremely versatile genre. The avenues of exploration, whether personal, interpersonal, societal, or otherwise, that fiction writers strive to create are greatly expanded when the boundaries of "reality" are crossed. We're given the opportunity to examine a whole host of issues in new and exciting ways. That's why Fourth-day Universe will continue to highlight the fantastical, whether in romance, mystery, horror, adventure, drama, comedy, or whatever other theme may be used.

We'll have plenty of reviews for you to read. Movies such as M. Night Shyamalan's "Devil" and Daniel Stamm's "The Last Exorcism" have already been reviewed on the site, as has this year's Dragon*Con in Atlanta, the largest sci-fi convention in North America. In the coming months, we'll have interviews with such prolific sci-fi authors as Michael Stackpole, Gail Z. Martin, and Jennifer St. Giles. And when the site's Bookstore opens for business, you'll even be able to read original works of fiction written by Fourth-day contributors, such as myself.

Fourth-day will also branch out into other areas of the online community. We already have a Twitter account, updates of which can be read on this blog, or you can simply Follow us on Twitter @4thdayU. We have a YouTube account as well, where we will post short video reviews of some select book, TV, and movie titles. We'll host forum discussions from our site for fans of sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal fiction, alternate realities, and graphic lit. And, while you wait to check out original fiction and other products by Fourth-day's collection of authors, artists, actors, and other contributors, you can check out our Zazzle store for all kinds of merchandise.

So head over to our new site, and see if you can find the answer to the question "what happens on the fourth day?"

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